It might be difficult to imagine how your contributions are working. Below you will find testimonials from students who have benefitted directly from MCF. Take a moment to listen to their stories and learn just how important your dollars are to the future of Missouri students.


Gabby Word – Reinsurance Group of America

I am a sophomore education major and currently have a 3.6 cumulative GPA. I am from St. Louis and live with my mom and brother.

I chose my major for lots of different reasons . The main reason was for the kids . I love how their brain works and the fact that they absorb any information given to them. Also, I find it so interesting how students look at the world so eagerly and willing to learn. Kids are the future of the world and the way we teach them and help them grow as students and as people will affect them in the future and the world itself. Secondly, I chose this major because there is a great need for educators.

On campus I am a member of the Association of Black Collegians Club and have volunteered in Missouri Stream Clean every year. Outside of school I work part time at Olive Garden as a server. I have worked there for three years now .

After I graduate I would love to work as an elementary school teacher, preferably with first or second grade students.

Letter:  Dear Donor,

I would like to express my gratitude for the Missouri Colleges Fund-Reinsurance Group of America Scholarship. Your financial support allows me to focus on my studies and also allows me to decrease the number of hours I work each week.

I am a sophomore in the elementary education program. I choose this field because I have always been interested in working with kids and want to supply them with knowledge and watch them grow as learners and as people. I have already been able to go into classrooms and observe educators teach; this has been a great learning experience for me. On campus I am involved in the Association of Black Collegians Club.

Upon graduation I hope to work teaching first grade or second grade students. On behalf of all the students working through financial difficulties to reach their dreams, I would like to thank you once again for all that you do for us. Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated.

Gabby Word


Dat Pho – Reinsurance Group of America

 I am a 4th-year Pre-medical/Biology major and currently have a 2.836 cumulative GPA. I am from Saint Louis, Missouri, and live with my parents and my younger brother.

My biggest reason for choosing my major is my parents. My father once told me that his dream as a child living in Vietnam was to become a doctor. That stuck with me until now and I want to be able to honor him and become a doctor myself. One of my goals in life it is to make my family proud. I also look forward to helping people in need and help save lives.

On campus I am the Vice President of the Campus Activities Board. This board is responsible for organize most of the student events on campus. I am also a member of Go Saints and HAPA. Outside of school I am employed CVS as a pharmacy technician where I fill prescriptions, call doctors’ offices, and manage patient insurance data. I have volunteered at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and plan on volunteering there in the future.

After I graduate I plan on going into medical school and working my way to becoming a family physician. Life is very precious to me and being able to positively impact those around me and, hopefully, help save lives is definitely a career goal of mine.

Letter:  Dear Donors,

First and foremost, thank you so much for the Missouri Colleges Fund-Reinsurance Group of America Scholarship; it is truly a blessing. My name is Dat Pho. I am a 4th-year pre-medical/biology major at Maryville University. Words can’t express my gratitude for your financial support.

Here at Maryville I like to be involved as much as I can. I am the Vice-President of CAB (Campus Activities Board) at the university. This board organizes many of the student activities on campus. I also play club baseball, basketball, and flag football.  Outside of school I am employed CVS as a pharmacy technician where I fill prescriptions, call doctors’ offices, and manage patient insurance data.

After graduation I plan on attending medical school. I would like to be a doctor in order to make a meaningful impact on those around me. Also, when I was young, my father once told me that his childhood dream was to become a doctor, and that has always really stuck with me. I want to honor him by becoming a doctor. One of my greatest goals in life is to make my family proud.

Again, thank you for generously investing in my education and future. Education is my first priority and your support definitely makes my commitment even stronger. I look forward to becoming a doctor so I can help those with the greatest needs and help save lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dat Pho